"Chief in Executive Outsourcing"

Outsourcing to cut costs

Outsourcing is an excellent way to cut costs and focus on core competencies. Companies routinely outsource customer service, IT, accounting, and legal functions to take advantage of economies of scale, reduce benefits costs, and monetize on external expertise on an as-needed basis. Outsourcing is not only a good idea --it's an executive's feduciary responsibility and duty to stockholders.

Look where the costs are

businessman demonstrating Expensive IT and call center functions are attractive places to outsource, but look first for the low-hanging fruit: executive salaries. One C-level executive can draw a salary three, four, or even ten times that of a software developer or help desk technician. Factor in other expensive executive compensation that may not even be available to lower-level employees like stock options, bonuses, profit sharing, pension, and company car, and it becomes obvious that the place to start your company's outsourcing efforts is with the CEO. Sarah Needleman, writing for The Wall Street Journal, observes this growing need in a Wall Street Journal article on May 13 2008. takes this to a new level --beyond temporary staffing of individuals and on to permanent outsourcing to a reputable firm.

CEO at a fraction of the cost

businessman climbing gears utilizes best-of-breed design and a low marginal cost paradigm to bring its clients CEO benefits at a price no responsible corporate officer can ignore. Consider how much more profit your company can realize without the expense of a CEO --while retaining the strong leadership. Imagine the benefits to your organization from the cost savings: incentivize executives with better stock option returns and bonuses from the added profit and incentivize employees with our expert CEO team.

Uncompromising quality

Face it: the CEO is the strength and vision of an organization. As a ship cannot sail rudderless, a company needs direction from a chief executive. This is where offers the most return on investment. With a company does not only get one chief executive, but a skilled team that interfaces constantly to champion a single, unified vision. If you have ever wished your CEO could be in more than one place at a single time then you have wished for . No other CEO solution can offer this service level.
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